FIP DOCTOR - GS 441524 for FIP cats

May the World be without Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

FIP threatens kitten's life

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is the name given to a common and aberrant immune response to infection with feline coronavirus (FCoV). Sadly, up to 12% of FCoV-infected cats may succumb to FIP, with stress predisposing to the development of disease.


An experimental drug called GS-441524 was used in a field experiment of 31 cats. After 25 days, 25 of the 31 cats were ultimately cured of FIP. Thanks to Dr. Niels Pedersen’s promising study, it gives cat lover available medication for the treatment of FIP.


As kitten lover and chemistry nerd, we share our pet love and  thinking of GS-441524 formulation with you. This is one option for cat owners and veterinary professionals to save the lives.


May the world be without of FIP.


Free First Vial Aid is a campaign held by FIP Doctor, a reliable and affordable GS formulation provider in the USA. It provides FIP cats’ parents an option to treat their cuites.


Intermittent fever, slight decrease in appetite, weight loss, and lethargy.

MID Stage

Worsening of early stage symptoms + ascites, diarrhea, anemia, jaundice.

LATE Stage

Worsening of mid stage symptoms + Stopped feeding, cloudy eyes, loss of coordination, paralysis, convulsions.

Injecat 15 – GS 441524 injection

The designed injection is to treat feline infectious peritonitis (FIP & FIPV). Each injection contains 75 mg GS-441524 (5.5 mL). It is suitable for all feline ascites uveitis symptoms and for cats of all ages.

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